Product Type: CVD Lab Grown Diamond

Diamond shape : Round Shape
Diamond Weight:    1 carat
Diamond color grade :   G
Clarity:        VS
cutting: Diamond cut
Packing Quantity: 1 piece

About Lab-diamond

Lab-grown diamonds are generally produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) or high pressure high temperature (HPHT) methods.
CVD uses ultra-pure carbon-rich gases in a controlled environment. It produces Type IIa diamonds, which are quite rare in nature and account for less than two percent of all mined diamonds. Type IIa diamonds have no, or almost no, impurities; they are the purest, highest-quality diamonds.
HPHT, used since the 1950s, puts a pure, solid carbon source under high pressure and high temperature. In the presence of a catalyst, the pressurized and heated carbon crystalizes into diamond. HPHT is sometimes used to improve the color of mined or lab-grown diamonds.
Our proprietary CVD process allows us to produce stunning diamonds in color and size combinations that are seldom found in mines, such as fancy color pink diamonds that are prized for fine jewelry.






Six advantages of Lab-Diamond

1. Superior Quality & Purity


2. Known Origin of Every Diamond


3. Environmental Superiority


4. Larger, Better Diamonds for Your Budget


5.Positive Externalities


6.  Affordable Fancy Colored Diamonds


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1 Carat Round CVD Diamond G Color VS Clarity Loose Lab Grown Diamond

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